Saturday, February 25, 2017

Must Read: Solid State Hard Drives Blazing Fast!

I just upgraded my server and workstations to solid state drives SSD. Holy Smokes!  Unbelievably fast! It makes using Dentrix extremely fun and efficient.  It's like going from a Volkswagen to a Ferrari, no kidding.  We used Henry Schein TechCentral for the whole installation.  Very seamless.  I cannot recommend anyone else.  If you're looking for an IT provider to help you secure and update your server call TechCentral for a free quote. You will not be disappointed. TechCentral

Also they installed a hybrid backup.  It is made by Ctera and backs up everything locally and also to the cloud! No more traveling with hard drives home every night.

5% of your collections should go to keeping your infrastructure up to date.  Don't be a penny wise and a pound foolish.  With all the hacking and ransom wear happening it makes sense to keep current.  This is a pic of the new server.