Sunday, April 12, 2015

New G6 Features Volume 2

The most compelling part to G6 is that there are new features sprinkled around in all the Dentrix Modules: See below for just a few highlights:

Dentrix Ledger:
-Split Payment by family member (the top MyVoice request)
-Easily view each patient’s balance by provider.
-Access Default Payment Assignment Options from Preferences for payment entry instead of going to Practice Setup.

Enhanced Medical Alerts:
-Add a note to record less common medical alerts and other information specific to the patient.
-View medical alert notes everywhere that medical alerts are available. 
-Select Medical Alerts to be included when generating the Patient Notes Report.
-Copy medical alerts to clinical notes to record medical alert history.
-Add a note from a patient’s questionnaire responses to the patient’s medical alert note.
-Automatically add text to the medical alert note when a medical alert is changed in Definitions.

Dr. Busch Tip: Make sure that your paper questionnaire if you have one, matches your Dentrix Electronic one perfectly, including the medical alerts.  We keep a paper version of the patient questionnaire, medical history form available in case the patient wants that or in case the iPad is not charged.