Saturday, August 22, 2015

New G6 Features Volume 3

G6 is here!!

New List Manager:

-Generate custom lists using filters and data fields (for columns) from Letters in the Office manager with functionality similar to the Collections Manager and Treatment Manager.
-Create letters for only the patients listed when “hide patient” has been used.
-Secure Mail coming soon...

Enhanced Letters :

-Generate letters and custom lists more easily with a simplified interface. 
-Select Data Fields from a “tree” view, with options to “Select All” or “Remove All” within a section.
-Filter patients by those with or without an email address.
-Include the date a patient last referred another patient in letters and lists.
-Open a list file in Excel.
-Add a journal entry when creating letters using an existing file.
- Browse to a Word document to use for a Dentrix Letter.
-Provide more descriptive text with an increase in the size of the 'Letter Template' field.

-Avoid confusion with the Dentrix Letter Merge Fields in Word now that they directly correspond to the Data Fields in Letters.

Hope to see you at the 2015 Business of Dentistry October 7th-10th.  I will be there with my whole staff to answer any technology questions you have.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Friday, May 15, 2015

"Moneyballing" Your Practice

Who hasn't seen Moneyball, the Brad Pitt film about Billy Beane’s Oakland A’s and how they changed the game of baseball?  For those who may not know, major league baseball was a very expensive sport to play before Billy Bean decided there was a better way.  If you wanted the best players, you paid through the nose to get them.  Only large and well-funded teams to could get the great players and therefore get to the playoffs.

   Billy Bean knew better.  He suspected a good team, even a great team, was not just a bunch of superhuman players, but was an amalgamation of everyday “average” players that were each great a getting a specific job done: first base runs, batting close, right field catches, etc.

   Sometimes I think our dental practices are stuck in this same mindset as these old baseball teams.  In order to increase profits, you must hire an office manager who knows everything; you must hire a hygienist who can set a world record on how many patients they can see in a day; and you must be a dentist who is a superman of finance, business and clinical operations.

   We set ourselves up for failure when we think like this.  Would you expect your lab equipment or your software to suddenly perform outrageously superior levels?  No.  You know what to expect from the equipment you buy.  Each has its place in the office and performs a single function or series of functions very well.

   I want to advise us to start thinking the same way about our staff and ourselves.  Now, “moneyballing” your practice doesn't mean you go out and find the cheapest person that can do a job.  That’s just discount shopping and you’ll get what you pay for.  However, it does mean that you should be looking for an office manager that’s really good at specific things.  Insurance management a challenge for your office?  Now you know what you’re looking for in a candidate.  Scheduling problems?  A perfect opportunity to hone and specify the training for your front desk.

   If you work this way, you can build a practice that is exacting in its execution, efficient in its operations and ready for the next challenge that comes your way.
Not sure how to define what needs work?  Start here:

Sunday, April 12, 2015

New G6 Features Volume 2

The most compelling part to G6 is that there are new features sprinkled around in all the Dentrix Modules: See below for just a few highlights:

Dentrix Ledger:
-Split Payment by family member (the top MyVoice request)
-Easily view each patient’s balance by provider.
-Access Default Payment Assignment Options from Preferences for payment entry instead of going to Practice Setup.

Enhanced Medical Alerts:
-Add a note to record less common medical alerts and other information specific to the patient.
-View medical alert notes everywhere that medical alerts are available. 
-Select Medical Alerts to be included when generating the Patient Notes Report.
-Copy medical alerts to clinical notes to record medical alert history.
-Add a note from a patient’s questionnaire responses to the patient’s medical alert note.
-Automatically add text to the medical alert note when a medical alert is changed in Definitions.

Dr. Busch Tip: Make sure that your paper questionnaire if you have one, matches your Dentrix Electronic one perfectly, including the medical alerts.  We keep a paper version of the patient questionnaire, medical history form available in case the patient wants that or in case the iPad is not charged. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Dr. Busch's Fastest 3 Minutes

Getting Ready to Launch! DENTRIX G6 Coming Soon…Volume 1

I have been using G6 for over 6 months now and it is my very favorite version since 1998 when I first began with Dentrix.
I big round of applause for the entire Dentrix team for developing the premier patient management system in our profession. Especially Brad Royer the Dentrix Product Manager and Kevin Bunker the president of Dentrix. You can see and feel the difference in this release, from a smoother look to a faster launch.
If you have not upgraded in a while, now is your chance, and if you have not changed from a paper record to a digital one there has not been a better time to do it!  All the elements to accomplish this is all available in the software.
I will begin to post the new features every week until launch beginning with:

The Electronic Rolodex called, “eDex”.
-Built right into the Dentrix Toolbar, will gives the whole office access to phone numbers, addresses, etc. of your vendors, consultants, repair people, etc.  All at you finger tips!
-The application can quickly search and view information for patients and other contacts in Dentrix with a single search by first or last name, address, email address, or any phone number. Add notes specific to eDex or append them to a patient note to view in the Family File.

The  Document Center.
 -the document center now supports any scanner and makes scanning documents easier for supported file formats.
-Set your preferences for acquiring scanned documents the first time the Document Center is opened after Dentrix G6 is installed.   
-Manage Document Center more easily with notification when there are more than 40 unfiled documents.
-Attach a document from Unfiled Documents to the currently selected patient, provider, insurance, employer or referral by clicking "Attach To:" from the Unfiled Documents toolbar.

Get upgraded! Get Moving!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Preventing Practice Decay

I thought this week I'd share a bit of fun with this infographic Dentrix has come up with to help dentists manage the business side of their practice.  And you don't have to be a Dentrix dentist to take advantage of them.

However, if you've got Dentrix 4.8 or later you can use the Practice Advisor and Daily Huddle reports that already come with it to accomplish these 7 things that will help you keep your business and your patients healthy.
See the full-size infographic here.