Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dentrix User Advisory: Keep using your Adobe Acrobat 10

Don't update to Adobe Acrobat 11.  I have found problems when printing to the Dentrix Document Center printer.  It would say that Dentrix was unable to preview image in the Dentrix Document Center after installing Adobe Acrobat 11.  So I had to uninstall 11 and go back to 10.  It then worked fine.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Collections Part 2 The Dental Enforcer

The other part to collections is the current 30, 60 and 90-day balances that need to be collected. Dentrix eServices can help you automate this process as well.  I have been using eBilling for years and could not function with out it.  Call Dentrix today and have one of their awesome staff do a walk through with you.  Also, watch this video of the Dental Enforcer.  We were temped to use him until eServices launched.

Make life easier, you deserve it!  Call Dentrix today! 800-735-5518.

YouTube Video for eServices.

AutoCollect Need I say More? Part 1

AutoCollect is a brand new free app for Dentrix users that automates the collection process. Simply Incredible! Tired of chasing down those 90 days and older accounts?  Now you don't have to. You download, install and create your account and you are in business.  We have been using it for 18 months and love it.  They even handle the credit bureau reporting for you.

Just check it once a month and see how it's going.  They deposit the collections right into your account.  They keep a percentage of what they collect just like any other collections company, and you have total control over all your accounts.

Check it out today!  Your front office will LOVE you!  In fact, my staff took me out to lunch on them because it made their life a dream.

YouTube Video: