Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What happens when you Server has stopped at 8 AM?

This happened to me yesterday. No appointment book and the patients are walking in. We have no clue to what we have them scheduled for, and to boot I forgot a few names. Any-who. The server was down for an update (unscheduled, I know, does not happen anywhere else) but it did come back up after 20 minutes. The only thing that saved me was using my cell phone to get to the Dentrix Mobile site that allowed me to see the appointments. Make sure you add the Dentrix Mobile app to you mobile device. It's free and it gives you access to your files 24/7. For more information go to It also works with the Apple iPad.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Refitting a Practice with Software that Fits

I will start to feature different practices that have embraced dental technology beginning with Dr. Jacobsen and Dr. Shaw from Seattle. This way you can see practical examples of how things work across the country in high-tech, savvy Dentrix offices!  Please submit your story to me so we can let all of our colleagues see the “Best Practices” techniques!

By Dr. Beth Jacobsen and Dr. Beth Shaw of New32 Aesthetic and Family Dentistry

When we took over a dental practice in the trendy University Village neighborhood of Seattle, we knew we had to make it state-of-the-art.

Our office is a few blocks from the University of Washington, so we serve patients who work at UW and many who work for Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon and other high-tech companies in the area. Our patients are very tech savvy and they expect advanced techniques at the peak of today’s dentistry.

That’s exactly what we wanted to deliver. However, the software we inherited with the practice didn't meet our needs. We had an ideal location and up-to-date office furnishings, but the software didn't fit the way we wanted to practice.
Our search for new practice management software began a few months later. First, we created a list of must-haves. The new software would need to:

  •       Accommodate a two-doctor practice.
  •       Provide paperless scheduling, charting and communication tools.
  •       Allow us to connect to the office from home or other locations.
  •       Integrate digital images with patient charts.
  •       Run on different computer platforms and mobile devices.

As a two-doctor practice with shared patients, continuous communication and accurate charting were top priorities. We each needed the ability to look at a patient chart and see exactly what was done when. We needed treatment plans and images displayed together so we could understand a patient’s status at a glance. We also needed the flexibility to connect to the system when we were away from the office.

Dentrix was the only practice management software that fit all of our criteria. Plus, it could be tailored to our practice and our team’s needs. We installed the new system in 2013 and hired a Dentrix trainer to help us learn and customize it. Having a Dentrix pro help us transfer the old patient records to Dentrix saved us hours of time.
Once the team was trained and all patient records were transferred to Dentrix, we had no problems using the system. With Dentrix Mobile on our phones we could see the upcoming schedule or check patient needs without going to the office—an invaluable tool.
Now that we’re using software that fits the way we practice, we expect our dental practice to grow. And, with the ability to add eServices to Dentrix, we expect to stay on the forefront of technology. It’s what our patients expect, too.
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Dr. Jacobsen and Dr. Shaw both graduated from the University of Washington School of Dentistry in 2008. Both dentists are mothers of young children and appreciate the flexibility Dentrix gives them to enjoy their families and the great outdoors around Seattle. Learn more about their practice at