Monday, August 4, 2014

Who would like a Soft Tissue Chart for Dentrix? Change the Model View into STC.

Use the Model View for STC just add tonsils, throat, and cheeks.  How easy it that? Booyah!
With oral cancer on the rise and more and more digital screening devices coming available for screening we should have a Soft Tissue chart in Dentrix to chart suspicious areas and drag and drop there photos onto the chart for monitoring.  What do you think?

Deadly - and strangely silent in our society - Oral Cancer is growing at an alarming rate - over 11% in 2007 in the United States alone.

The five-year mortality rate of Oral Cancer is higher than, cervical cancer and prostate cancer, and kills one person every hour of every day.

I had Brad Royer the Dentrix Product Manager spend a day in my office last week and pleaded my case.  Thanks Brad for coming!

Please make comments so we can make this happen.  We already have a great hard tissue, and Periodontal chart, we need our soft tissue chart to complete our exam paperlessly!

We could add identafy, Velascope, etc. and have a place to store it.