Wednesday, June 25, 2014

SpotLight....Simple way to set the Doctor up for success...

An easy way to start your appointment with every patient is to have the dental assistant do a few things:

1.  Have the treatment for today's visit arranged in its own folder in the treatment plan panel.  I have my assistant rename the folder to whatever we are doing that day, i.e. #2,3,4 Resins, PJC #5

2.  Have the informed constant signed and attached to that folder.

3.  Have the financial area in that case appointment checked and marked appropriately, i.e.  CareCredit or patient paid co-pay.  You can set that up to have it say whatever you want in the settings tab in treatment plan panel.

4.  Have the current x-ray and pictures associated with todays treatment opened in its own window.  If you have DEXIS Imaging Suite (DEXIS 10) you can arrange all the x-rays and pictures in the presentation panel to the right.

5.  Complete any Rx for that patient i.e. use the new Electronic Rx module,  See my last Blog.

6.  Last but not least you can have your assistant click on each tooth(SPOTLIGHTING) that you are treating in the Dentrix Chart for that appointment  so you can quickly see what area to numb without reading the patient notes or looking at the appointment book. Also if you are treating multiple teeth if gives you a quick reference to see what is left by simply glancing at the chart.

If you follow this Digital Work flow it will improve your efficiency.