Friday, January 24, 2014

Follow My Eyes....Follow up on The Eye-Fi SD Card

I use this technology in my own practice and love it!  Saves so much time.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Coming Soon DEXIS Photo App!

The DEXIS photo App provides a super quick, super easy way to add ID (portraits) and extra-oral (smiles) patient images directly into DEXIS Imaging Suite using an iPhone. A simple 2-step process — 1) Select patient, 2) Take picture — lets you frame your shot and capture the photo right into the patient’s record — wirelessly, automatically and instantaneously. No cards, no readers, no manual file transfer. Instead, enjoy a simple, modern workflow that offers time savings, clinical support and patient interaction.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sudden Impact...Dental OfficeSuite Phone System from Broadview

The single most important technology upgrade in your office this year, 2014 should be to make your phone system "Smart".  The Dental OfficeSuite from Broadview is the way to do that.  It is a turnkey system that connects the phone to your Dentrix practice management system.  So every phone call you receive is handled with the utmost in proficiency which leads to productivity.  Every phone call is an opportunity to gather data seamlessly to make the patient experience second to none. Your staff no longer has any excuses to ask for a past due balance, schedule other family members for their past due appointments, ask for referrals, etc. because when the phone rings all that data is displayed right in front of them on their monitor.  It's not a choice. Automation is the key to success in any modern practice. Stop having you staff think and start having them perform.  The best athletes in the world do it.  They are what is called "in the zone" because they have automated in the heads what needs to happen.  They just execute.  And by helping your staff automate the process they can be more "in the moment" on the phone with your patients.

You are seeing the "Smart" technology make everything we use everyday more productive by adding a software component to it.  That's right,  smart phones,  smart TV's, smart credit card processing devices, smart watches, etc.  The list keeps growing. Join the "Smart" Dental technology revolution today and reap its benefits.  Get ready to have your collections soar and your patients excited to come and see you because you really know them.  Everything you need to know about the patient on the phone pops up on your screen like a Genie was guiding the way.

Broadview provides the training, software, equipment, and installation for a low monthly fee.  I bet that what you are paying for your current phone service is very close to what Broadview can provide.  And the bonus is the Dentrix software integration!

For more information click on the link to watch the video OfficeSuite Dental. You will be amazed.
The website is OfficeSuite Dental Website