Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dentrix User Advisory: Keep using your Adobe Acrobat 10

Don't update to Adobe Acrobat 11.  I have found problems when printing to the Dentrix Document Center printer.  It would say that Dentrix was unable to preview image in the Dentrix Document Center after installing Adobe Acrobat 11.  So I had to uninstall 11 and go back to 10.  It then worked fine.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Collections Part 2 The Dental Enforcer

The other part to collections is the current 30, 60 and 90-day balances that need to be collected. Dentrix eServices can help you automate this process as well.  I have been using eBilling for years and could not function with out it.  Call Dentrix today and have one of their awesome staff do a walk through with you.  Also, watch this video of the Dental Enforcer.  We were temped to use him until eServices launched.

Make life easier, you deserve it!  Call Dentrix today! 800-735-5518.

YouTube Video for eServices.

AutoCollect Need I say More? Part 1

AutoCollect is a brand new free app for Dentrix users that automates the collection process. Simply Incredible! Tired of chasing down those 90 days and older accounts?  Now you don't have to. You download, install and create your account and you are in business.  We have been using it for 18 months and love it.  They even handle the credit bureau reporting for you.

Just check it once a month and see how it's going.  They deposit the collections right into your account.  They keep a percentage of what they collect just like any other collections company, and you have total control over all your accounts.

Check it out today!  Your front office will LOVE you!  In fact, my staff took me out to lunch on them because it made their life a dream.

YouTube Video:

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How Important is Technology to Your Practice?

Like anything else, it’s as important as you make it.  So I guess the real question is: Can it make a difference?

Imaging, milling, notification, cloud services and a myriad of other dental related technologies have come a long way in the last few years, so why is it that most of us don’t take the leap into new technology until it isn't new anymore?

I think we may have just answered our own question: Risk.

Nobody wants to be the guinea pig for cutting edge tech; not with HIPAA compliance, security and other business concerns looming over your businesses. Cutting edge technology can take a quick turn into bleeding edge tech, with all the problems to prove it. Running your practice is hard enough without worrying about constant (and costly) upgrades and bugs in the system.

Why then? Why should you pay attention to the new products and services being constantly presented to you? The answer is the other half of our equation: Reward.

Yeah, reward. We pay attention because sometimes those things work. They give us an edge, they save us time or money, or help us see or create new opportunities. Technology is the best button we can use to level the playing field for our practice and even give us a leg up on the competition.

But here’s the thing: Innovation and technology are just buzzwords. Bad technology planning and integration can create as much confusion as innovation and waste a lot of your time and money.

You need a strategy, a vision for your office that will guide you along the way to success. You need to consider the future of your practice and your business, and write it down, think about it. 

Ask questions like:

 • What kind of care will your patients want in five years, ten years?
 • How will I be expected to serve my customers as communication methods continue to evolve?
 • How can I make my business more agile and able to change with my customer and provider preferences?

When you sit down to prioritize goals for your practice, it’s important to remember that people and processes are just as necessary to your business and your practice as technology is. If you don’t have training in place to train your people on a new system, how likely will they be to use it? If you have no process established to contact patients for re-appointment, how often will it get done, even with the best software?

Don’t fall into the trap of “I pay someone to do that”. Your technology will only take you as far as your vision, and the guy you paid to put in your systems is likely not as concerned as you are about the long-term future of your business.

 Remember those business management classes you took in college? They might come in handy, here. Decide how you will build your technology foundation and what purpose it will serve. After that, you can branch out and start tackling problems that will make a difference in your business, like keeping up on collections, optimizing schedules, proper systems integration, and monitoring your active patient base.

Establishing technology priorities will help make evaluation and purchase decisions much easier. See? Technology isn’t all about headaches. Look a bit further down the road, and it might even save you from a few.

Using Dentrix and their Coaching and Training programs can give you an advantage and help you get more out of your software in a way that will help your business, not just your practice.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What happens when you Server has stopped at 8 AM?

This happened to me yesterday. No appointment book and the patients are walking in. We have no clue to what we have them scheduled for, and to boot I forgot a few names. Any-who. The server was down for an update (unscheduled, I know, does not happen anywhere else) but it did come back up after 20 minutes. The only thing that saved me was using my cell phone to get to the Dentrix Mobile site that allowed me to see the appointments. Make sure you add the Dentrix Mobile app to you mobile device. It's free and it gives you access to your files 24/7. For more information go to It also works with the Apple iPad.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Refitting a Practice with Software that Fits

I will start to feature different practices that have embraced dental technology beginning with Dr. Jacobsen and Dr. Shaw from Seattle. This way you can see practical examples of how things work across the country in high-tech, savvy Dentrix offices!  Please submit your story to me so we can let all of our colleagues see the “Best Practices” techniques!

By Dr. Beth Jacobsen and Dr. Beth Shaw of New32 Aesthetic and Family Dentistry

When we took over a dental practice in the trendy University Village neighborhood of Seattle, we knew we had to make it state-of-the-art.

Our office is a few blocks from the University of Washington, so we serve patients who work at UW and many who work for Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon and other high-tech companies in the area. Our patients are very tech savvy and they expect advanced techniques at the peak of today’s dentistry.

That’s exactly what we wanted to deliver. However, the software we inherited with the practice didn't meet our needs. We had an ideal location and up-to-date office furnishings, but the software didn't fit the way we wanted to practice.
Our search for new practice management software began a few months later. First, we created a list of must-haves. The new software would need to:

  •       Accommodate a two-doctor practice.
  •       Provide paperless scheduling, charting and communication tools.
  •       Allow us to connect to the office from home or other locations.
  •       Integrate digital images with patient charts.
  •       Run on different computer platforms and mobile devices.

As a two-doctor practice with shared patients, continuous communication and accurate charting were top priorities. We each needed the ability to look at a patient chart and see exactly what was done when. We needed treatment plans and images displayed together so we could understand a patient’s status at a glance. We also needed the flexibility to connect to the system when we were away from the office.

Dentrix was the only practice management software that fit all of our criteria. Plus, it could be tailored to our practice and our team’s needs. We installed the new system in 2013 and hired a Dentrix trainer to help us learn and customize it. Having a Dentrix pro help us transfer the old patient records to Dentrix saved us hours of time.
Once the team was trained and all patient records were transferred to Dentrix, we had no problems using the system. With Dentrix Mobile on our phones we could see the upcoming schedule or check patient needs without going to the office—an invaluable tool.
Now that we’re using software that fits the way we practice, we expect our dental practice to grow. And, with the ability to add eServices to Dentrix, we expect to stay on the forefront of technology. It’s what our patients expect, too.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Dr. Jacobsen and Dr. Shaw both graduated from the University of Washington School of Dentistry in 2008. Both dentists are mothers of young children and appreciate the flexibility Dentrix gives them to enjoy their families and the great outdoors around Seattle. Learn more about their practice at

Monday, August 4, 2014

Who would like a Soft Tissue Chart for Dentrix? Change the Model View into STC.

Use the Model View for STC just add tonsils, throat, and cheeks.  How easy it that? Booyah!
With oral cancer on the rise and more and more digital screening devices coming available for screening we should have a Soft Tissue chart in Dentrix to chart suspicious areas and drag and drop there photos onto the chart for monitoring.  What do you think?

Deadly - and strangely silent in our society - Oral Cancer is growing at an alarming rate - over 11% in 2007 in the United States alone.

The five-year mortality rate of Oral Cancer is higher than, cervical cancer and prostate cancer, and kills one person every hour of every day.

I had Brad Royer the Dentrix Product Manager spend a day in my office last week and pleaded my case.  Thanks Brad for coming!

Please make comments so we can make this happen.  We already have a great hard tissue, and Periodontal chart, we need our soft tissue chart to complete our exam paperlessly!

We could add identafy, Velascope, etc. and have a place to store it.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

New Threads, Performance Scrubs for your practice, they are finally here!

Help TeamSmile Dental Outreach buy scrubs, feel like a pro!  Titanium Scrubs are the latest fashion craze in dentistry  For hundreds of years we have been wearing cotton. Well a dry-fit fabric has now entered the healthcare arena. Now feeling good and looking good are not just reserved for athletes. Remember how it feels when you are headed to the gym or for a run in your training clothes? Well now you can do that with your office uniform. I'm wearing TiScrubs in the photo below. They will even embroider your office logo!

They come with and incredible amount of pockets and are anti-microbial. Plus your patients will love seeing you I them. My patients say it all the time.  Check them out! 

Coming soon...undershirts, headbands, and LONG-SLEEVE scrub shirts. No more lab jackets.  Yippie! Call them 1-888-847-8330 today.

Thank you Dentrix for being the official software for TeamSmile!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

SpotLight....Simple way to set the Doctor up for success...

An easy way to start your appointment with every patient is to have the dental assistant do a few things:

1.  Have the treatment for today's visit arranged in its own folder in the treatment plan panel.  I have my assistant rename the folder to whatever we are doing that day, i.e. #2,3,4 Resins, PJC #5

2.  Have the informed constant signed and attached to that folder.

3.  Have the financial area in that case appointment checked and marked appropriately, i.e.  CareCredit or patient paid co-pay.  You can set that up to have it say whatever you want in the settings tab in treatment plan panel.

4.  Have the current x-ray and pictures associated with todays treatment opened in its own window.  If you have DEXIS Imaging Suite (DEXIS 10) you can arrange all the x-rays and pictures in the presentation panel to the right.

5.  Complete any Rx for that patient i.e. use the new Electronic Rx module,  See my last Blog.

6.  Last but not least you can have your assistant click on each tooth(SPOTLIGHTING) that you are treating in the Dentrix Chart for that appointment  so you can quickly see what area to numb without reading the patient notes or looking at the appointment book. Also if you are treating multiple teeth if gives you a quick reference to see what is left by simply glancing at the chart.

If you follow this Digital Work flow it will improve your efficiency.

Friday, May 9, 2014

ePrescribe..Now you can send Pharmacy Rx directly to the Pharmacy through Dentrix!

I have been waiting for this feature for along time. Now it is here to use in G6! You can find it in the Dentrix Menu bar after you click on prescriptions.  See below:

You have to sign up for it with Dentrix support.  One of the best features is that it will give you a current list of all the medications that the patient is presently taking.  Just copy and paste them directly into Dentrix. 

No more having to take your gloves off to sign a prescription while your working.

Give it a try!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Follow My Eyes....Follow up on The Eye-Fi SD Card

I use this technology in my own practice and love it!  Saves so much time.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Coming Soon DEXIS Photo App!

The DEXIS photo App provides a super quick, super easy way to add ID (portraits) and extra-oral (smiles) patient images directly into DEXIS Imaging Suite using an iPhone. A simple 2-step process — 1) Select patient, 2) Take picture — lets you frame your shot and capture the photo right into the patient’s record — wirelessly, automatically and instantaneously. No cards, no readers, no manual file transfer. Instead, enjoy a simple, modern workflow that offers time savings, clinical support and patient interaction.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sudden Impact...Dental OfficeSuite Phone System from Broadview

The single most important technology upgrade in your office this year, 2014 should be to make your phone system "Smart".  The Dental OfficeSuite from Broadview is the way to do that.  It is a turnkey system that connects the phone to your Dentrix practice management system.  So every phone call you receive is handled with the utmost in proficiency which leads to productivity.  Every phone call is an opportunity to gather data seamlessly to make the patient experience second to none. Your staff no longer has any excuses to ask for a past due balance, schedule other family members for their past due appointments, ask for referrals, etc. because when the phone rings all that data is displayed right in front of them on their monitor.  It's not a choice. Automation is the key to success in any modern practice. Stop having you staff think and start having them perform.  The best athletes in the world do it.  They are what is called "in the zone" because they have automated in the heads what needs to happen.  They just execute.  And by helping your staff automate the process they can be more "in the moment" on the phone with your patients.

You are seeing the "Smart" technology make everything we use everyday more productive by adding a software component to it.  That's right,  smart phones,  smart TV's, smart credit card processing devices, smart watches, etc.  The list keeps growing. Join the "Smart" Dental technology revolution today and reap its benefits.  Get ready to have your collections soar and your patients excited to come and see you because you really know them.  Everything you need to know about the patient on the phone pops up on your screen like a Genie was guiding the way.

Broadview provides the training, software, equipment, and installation for a low monthly fee.  I bet that what you are paying for your current phone service is very close to what Broadview can provide.  And the bonus is the Dentrix software integration!

For more information click on the link to watch the video OfficeSuite Dental. You will be amazed.
The website is OfficeSuite Dental Website