Wednesday, July 24, 2013

DEXIS Go App is Incredible!

If you use DEXIS and are not using the latest version DEXIS Imaging Suite Version 10 you are missing out big time.  It is a free App that you download from iTunes.  Once downloaded, it will mirror your DEXIS database and you can bring all the patient's images right to their lap on the iPad..


1. Your are physically handing off their problems to them for immediate exploration.  
2. They can pinch and pull the images to get an up close look that even the regular DEXIS software can't   provide. i.e. one level of zoom from the magnifier tool.
3. We take seven photos of their teeth (same photos that Invisalign requires for a case submission)as a new  patient.  And when they are waiting for the doctor they get to take tour of their mouth.This is co-discovery the high tech way!
4.  Patients can access their oral condition and than ask questions.  They sell themselves on the treatment they need before you even enter the room.

Give it a try, get moving!