Saturday, February 2, 2013

Make a note of that!

A Dentrix Feature which I love that not many use is the, Dentrix “Chart Notations Tool”.  It is located right next to the Primary/Permanent tooth button.  You can use it to:
      1.        Draw Supernumerary teeth
2.       Flag teeth with a certain color dot or chisel mark that reminds you that you had the talk with the patient about the possibly of the tooth needing root canal treatment in the future because of the depth of the restoration that you just placed.  This way with a quick glance at the chart it will trigger your memory  that you spoke, and if the tooth does need treatment in the future you can remind them that you flagged that tooth for possible future treatment.  If they don’t you look like the hero and if they do you look like you are prepared.
3.       You can place numbers for the Diagnodent readings if you use that devise.
4.       You can draw a symbol for oral pathology.
5.       You will find many uses that you can customize for your practice.

Give it a try! Get Moving!

PS Next Blog will be an update on the use of Dentrix Electronic Rx for Medications.  I have been using that feature for 2 months know and love it.