Friday, August 17, 2012

Call me...Maybe

Call me.... definitely with a VOIP cloud-based phone system!  Yeah! It's about time.

If you have not noticed lately, the phone in your pocket and the systems being sold to businesses now are computers or computer-based.  If your phone system is as old as a 20-year-old leaking amalgam, then now is the time to update.  You will see integration with your practice management system eventually. A likely example will be when the phone rings, you will have a pop-up window on your computer with the current patient’s information, their ledger, family members due for an appointment, etc.  You will be able to customize what you see.  You will also be able to see a categorized call log of all inbound and outbound calls.  You will just connect your phones to your computer network. 
Cost: Moving to the cloud gives you an easy-to-use phone system for a predictable monthly fee—with no capital expense.
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