Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sign Language...The e-Assistant for your Reception Room

This the only employee in your office that never asks for a raise, always shows up for work, and is engaging your patients and their friends 100% of the time they are in your office.  It is called the e-Assistant form the Digital Clinic .  You can now order it through Henry Schein.  Ask your sales representative for details.  You can also schedule for a web demo by requesting it from their website.

It is a 42 inch LCD screen that hangs on the wall in your reception area.  It is connected to the web for real time updates.  It engages your patients with information about your practice such as staff bios, services, new equipment, etc.


1.  Facebook Integration
2.  Posts weather
3.  QR codes that connect to your website
4.  Customized messaging that informs your patients about the latest news in your office
5.  Inform your patients about your work in the community, ie TeamSmile, GKAS, etc. 

Call me 816-668-5576 or e-mail me for questions.  We have been using it for 4 months now and love it!