Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Cleaning in Dentrix

Over the next couple of posts I'm going to give a few ways to help organize things in Dentrix that has been useful in my practice.

The first one is to create a "Cosmetic" Category in the Procedure Code Category area in the Dentrix Office Manager.  If you do Whitening, Enamel Recontouring, White strips, etc.

Go to the Office manager/maintenance/practice setup/practice definitions/definition type/procedure code categories.  Then click on new and add "Cosmetic" or maybe "Dental Products" for saleable items.

Then go back to all the procedure codes you have set up in the past that fall into these categories and re-categorize them for easy finding from the chart or ledger when posting.  Make sure you select the "show in chart" button in the procedure code screen.

The new Category will show up in the patient Chart in the procedure code area, for easy access!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Microsoft has a new Mouse......Win 7 touch mouse!

If you want to try something pretty cool, the new Microsoft Win 7 touch mouse is a definite look.  It works great with the mutiple windows within Dentrix that you like to have open.The Microsoft Touch Mouse offers intuitive touch-based navigation that complements standard mousing in Windows 7.  Its like the gestures that the Apple mouse has but better.  I love it when I'm doing treatment plans because I can navigate quickly between the Perio Chart, Restorative Chart, CBCT, DEXIS, etc.
Check out the tutorial:  Win 7 touch mouse tutorial  Give it a try and get Moving!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Dentrix Mobile Gets Bigger, Literally...

I don't know about you, but my eyes have gone from 20/20 to 20 something because I hit 48 years old.  Wow that went fast.  I guess that's what happens.  Well, Dentrix to the rescue!

Viewing your smart phone for appointment information when your out of the office was difficult because of the small screens that smartphones have. So, now Henry Schein has announced it has enhanced it's Dentrix mobile app to take advantage of the large displays and resolution of the Apple iPad and Microsoft Xoom tablets. Not only do you get to see everything without squinting, but it has enhanced features which allows you to add any member of your staff to use it on their devise, and schedule changes on the fly and appointments for your patients (great if you have a call forwarded to a staff member on your day off, but still want someone to answer and schedule patients). It also lets users add notes to the appointment book or confirm appointments -- anytime, anywhere.

I personally use the Motorola Xoom because when cruising the web I can view ALL web content, unllike the iPad, which doesn't work with Adobe Flash.  But, if you can get past that flaw, which most iPad users have, the iPad works great with Dentrix Mobile. For more information go to: http://www.dentrix.com/promotions/mobile/default.aspx

Dentrix Mobile is free if you are on a Dentrix customer support plan. Also make sure you have Dentrix Support help you update your DxWeb tool bar with the new software.  They just remoted into my workstation yesterday and had it set up in minutes.

Tip:  I use my WiFi HotSpot connection from my Droid Razr in the car to connect to my Xoom. This way I don't have to pay another monthly fee for another devise connected to the web.

So to get started:

1.     Renew support plan if you have not yet
2.     Have Dentrix Support help you update your workstation with the latest Dx Web tool bar