Friday, February 10, 2012

When Referring Out...

There is a feature in Dentrix that I never knew was there. That sounds very familiar.  Thus the reason for this Blog.

The feature allows you to select multiple procedures and teeth all at the same time and refer them with one mouse click. When I treatment plan the patient's case, I used to select each procedure one at a time and then select the referring doctor.  What waste of time!

Here's how you use it.
Open the patient's chart:
1.  Select File/ Set Related Referral.
2.  Select and post the procedures to refer.
3. Now all those procedures are marked referred and assigned to the referring provider.
4. Go back to File/Set Related Referral/ select remove (Don't forget to do this)
5. Then go back to treatment planning.

Thanks to Jason McKnight, my Dentrix Profitability Coach, I have a new way to save time!