Friday, December 23, 2011

Go Double,Triple, or more Platinum with DEXIS!

Complete Integration inside Dentrix!

I have been practicing since 1989,  almost 23 years.  If your considering any digital x-ray system for your office, please consider DEXIS.  I have used or tried them all over my career, and by far the DEXIS Platinum one sensor fits all is the real McCoy.  They have a replacement deal going on now to the end of year if you have a sensor to trade in. Or just make it a point to get rid of your old film processor and update your office technology.

I have added a sensor every year to my office over the last six year and now have a sensor in every room.  This increases your bottom line at least by 14% per year because you take the necessary x-rays all the time.  You don't blow off the x-ray you need today, because your hygienist is using it in the other room.  I use to always say, "we will get that film next time", because we were running late or the patient had to leave.  Also this takes the work load off your sensors.  I have not sent one in for repair since we got them.  If you can follow the "one per room strategy" you would be disappointed.  Have a great New Year! and get moving!

The DEXIS Platinum Sensor is the Official Sensor of TeamSmile Dental Outreach.

Thank you Team DEXIS.  Especially Candy Ross!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ground Breaking New Technology For Your Reception Room

I’m very excited about eAssistant from Digital Clinic.  Digital Clinic is an exclusive Henry Schein partnership with the world’s leader in digital signage.  eAssistant is a turn-key solution which consists of a flat panel TV and a small computer which is plugged seamlessly into you network in your practice.  It contains content about you and your staff, services you provide, products you recommend, tips for living a healthy lifestyle, RSS feeds, social networking and so much more.  What separates this solution from the rest is that its content is updated automatically without the need of DVD’s or software updates.  You just simply turn it on in the morning and let it go to work. E Assistant transforms behavior by engaging patients, families and friends with relevant and captivating information in your reception room.
Your patients want three things when they walk into your practice.  They want to feel safe, educated, and have a pain free experience.  eAssistant can accomplish two of these before they even sit in your chair!  I have an e-Assistant front and center in my practice when you walk in.
Coming soon in early 2012 exclusively from Henry Schein, for more information please go to or contact Jason Krause at

Saturday, December 10, 2011

TeamSmile and the Colorado Avalanche team up for dental outreach at Pepsi Center!

This is a big week for TeamSmile,  TeamSmile will add it's first NHL hockey team the Colorado Avalanche and work with the Denver Nuggets for the second year in a row together at the Pepsi Center.  TeamSmile is proud to work with the Denver community giving back. I started TeamSmile with Jason Krause of Digital Clinic, seven years ago to help get uninsured children with much needed dental work across the country with the help of local dental volunteers.

Dentrix is the official software of TeamSmile along with Henry Schein's TechCentral for all or our hardware needs. They are both sponsors for the program. Come on out, and volunteer or just stop by to see what it's all about.  The date is Dec. 17th at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado from 9-1.

See you there.  Get moving!  Below is video footage from our Kansas City Chiefs program.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Getting Rid of the Traditional Checkout Desk...

Well, I'm doing it.  I'm getting rid of the Traditional World War 2 style, conveyor belt check-out desk.  My dental assistants will be taking payment at the chair just like at the Apple store!  Thanks to PowerPay from Dentrix you can do it too.  Think about all that wasted time going from the chair to the front desk, think about the big line of patients at the checkout desk, and then a solution is to tell them to go around to the front where the receptionist can check you out? not good. Whew, all that goes away if you take payment at the chair and make their next appointment there also.

We installed card swipes at all the treatment room workstations.  It's a dream come true and the patients love it.  They continue to say, "I'm done, I can leave?".

Call Dentrix today to add PowerPay credit/debt card processing to your arsenal of automation.  E-mail me with question.  Get moving!