Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Three-pronged approach to creating your cyber presence...

Whether you like it or not there is a cyber profile that every business has.  You can contribute to it, cultivate it, or ignore it.  You definitely don't want to ignore it because your patients will create it for you.  Just go out and Google your name under dentists in your area.

Below is an approach we us in my practice.

Prong 1:

I believe you need a robust website for your potential and existing patients to use as a resource from a desktop computer.  You can give all your patients access to their dental accounts and treatment plans all through Dentrix eCentral. They can even pay online!  Call Dentrix for the details.  If you don't have a Dentrix-integrated web site you can get one through Dentrix or Dental Branding

Prong 2:

I believe you need a mobile website for your potential and existing patients to use as a resource from a mobile device.  Potential patients searching for a dentist on a mobile deice will by pass your site if they have to pinch and pull to read it.  A mobile website is enhanced for viewing from a small screen so patients will view it and hopefully schedule directly from their phone.

Prong 3:

I believe that you need an App for smart phones so that your existing patients can have access to your practice 24/7.  By gaining phone real estate with your practice logo on their i-Phones or Droids you will be a constant reminder of your part in their health and well-being.  Remember: out of site, out of mind.

For example, search the "Dr. Bill Busch" App on i-Tunes or on the Droid Marketplace and download for free.

Give it a try and get moving!