Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dentrix Launches DentaLink Intra-Office Messaging!

You are going to love this!  First it's free if you are on a support plan, and second it makes communicating in the office fun and easy if you are computer networked throughout your office.  I have been testing it for months and love it.  It is installed automatically when you install eSync 3.1 from Dentrix. DentaLink lets you communicate instantly throughout the office with single-click access to pre-written messages and messages on the fly.  It also has a discernible sound that alerts you when the message comes in.  Remember you only hear it if your monitor has speakers.  I'm guilty of calling support telling them it is not working, and then realized that that workstation had no speakers, Duh.  Also make sure in settings that you select the setting for leaving the message up until you exit it so you don't miss any messages ( Find Notification Display Length setting in the Dentalink Settings, choose manually dismiss notification).  Give it a try.  Get moving!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Protect Your Cell Phone...

If you have a smart phone, iPhone, Droid, etc., you must remember that these devises are just pocket size computers that are vulnerable to viruses, malware, adware, and hackers.  Take a look at the "Lookout" App mobile security program. With millions of smart phones shipping every month, the phone has surpassed the PC as the true personal computer. Protect your phone with security and privacy protection.  Lookout is free.  Just go to the marketplace and download it.  I have been using it for months and love it.It can be used for the Droid, Blackberry, and Windows phones. If you have an iPhone I'm not aware of an App for mobile security yet.