Monday, June 27, 2011

Dentrix Mobile: The Dentrix Dentist App for your Cell Phone...

If you are on a support plan with Dentrix you will be pleased to know that the Dentrix Mobile app is available for free for most smartphones and mobile devices.  This app will connect you to your office 24/7 with valuable information about your schedule, patient information, and their prescriptions.  Your staff can have it on their phones also if they have an Internet connection (data plan) with their phone.  The information is valuable when you are on the road and a patient calls in for a prescription or you forget what the schedule looks like for tomorrow or even after lunch.  Right now Dentrix Mobile is just one way.  Look for the ability to be able to schedule patients from your phone in the future and see other clinical information.  In the future, you will also have the ability to send information back to your office database, which is called two-way communication.

With the current version of Dentrix Mobile, you can:                                   
  • Access patient data anytime, even after hours
  • Verify patient prescriptions while out of the office
  • Quickly see appointments for you and your providers
  • Deliver real-time updates for on-call teams
  • Get even more value from your Dentrix Customer Service Plan
All with no additional fees required! Dentrix Mobile is available on popular devices like iPhone, iPad, Palm Pre, Android and select BlackBerry models.
Go to and sign up today!


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    1. There is no "app" it is a website optimized for access from a smart phone, and another website optimized for use with tablets, or computers outside the office.

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