Monday, June 27, 2011

Dentrix Mobile: The Dentrix Dentist App for your Cell Phone...

If you are on a support plan with Dentrix you will be pleased to know that the Dentrix Mobile app is available for free for most smartphones and mobile devices.  This app will connect you to your office 24/7 with valuable information about your schedule, patient information, and their prescriptions.  Your staff can have it on their phones also if they have an Internet connection (data plan) with their phone.  The information is valuable when you are on the road and a patient calls in for a prescription or you forget what the schedule looks like for tomorrow or even after lunch.  Right now Dentrix Mobile is just one way.  Look for the ability to be able to schedule patients from your phone in the future and see other clinical information.  In the future, you will also have the ability to send information back to your office database, which is called two-way communication.

With the current version of Dentrix Mobile, you can:                                   
  • Access patient data anytime, even after hours
  • Verify patient prescriptions while out of the office
  • Quickly see appointments for you and your providers
  • Deliver real-time updates for on-call teams
  • Get even more value from your Dentrix Customer Service Plan
All with no additional fees required! Dentrix Mobile is available on popular devices like iPhone, iPad, Palm Pre, Android and select BlackBerry models.
Go to and sign up today!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Going Paper-Less with Livescribe Echo Digital Pen!

The Livescribe Echo is a ballpoint pen and voice recorder combination that preserves digital copies of your notes and recordings, which can be replayed, saved to your computer, and shared with others. It's perfect for taking notes with the patient when doing a new patient interview, staff meeting notes, or even discussing and planning treatment plans with patients.  Especially when you need to record shade selection, and what the patient wants.  Because you know they change their mind about the way the case turned out, and then they blame you.  Now you can just replay the conversation for them.  Also you can send detailed lab prescription notes in your own hand writing and just send it directly to the lab.  Even the little drawing of the tooth and where the characterization should go.  This Pen is amazing!

Ultimately, though, any worthwhile idea committed to paper in the digital era needs to find its way onto a computer. Notes get retyped, voice recordings transcribed, drawings scanned, and hours are lost to tedious analog-to-digital conversion. With the paperless, human-computer singularity still a few decades off, the Echo smartpen has arrived to address the lingering analog/digital dilemma of capturing handwritten notes and voice memos in a convenient digital format.

Try this out and get moving!
Livescribe Echo Digital Pen

Friday, June 3, 2011

Text Messaging Directly From Outlook!

If you have a busy practice, you need to get a hold of a patients ASAP, right.  You try their phone numbers, you send and e-mail, but nothing, nada.  You send them a text and magically they respond.  It is a sign of the times.  People are smitten with text messaging.  Now with Message-Media you can sign up for $10/month and get 1000 texts. You can just cut and paste their mobile number directly into new SMS within Microsoft Outlook.  Then type out their message, and send.  Within minutes the patients texts you back directly to Outlook!  You have now either confirmed an appointment or saved valuable chairtime filling a cancellation.  Your boss will love you.

It works with Outlook 2007 and 2010.  All yu have to do is click on the button next to "New E-mail" button in Outlook 2010 which is "New Items" button, then click on Text Message SMS.  It will guide you the rest of the way. 

With Outlook 2007 you just click on the down arrow next to "New E-mail" button and select Text Message SMS.

You can go to Message-Media to sign up directly.  Ask for Paul to sign you up or call me if you have any questions. 816-668-5576.

Look for integration with Dentrix in the future where you can launch it directly from within Dentrix like you can do now with E-mail Messaging.

Get Moving!