Friday, May 20, 2011

Fast Checkout Option in the Ledger

One of the most overlooked features in Dentrix Ledger is the Fast Checkout option.  You can   find it on the Dentrix Ledger tool bar.  To set up this feature you must click on File/FastCheckout options setup.../and select the options you would like to use.  Below you can see the ones I use in my office.  Also notice the print appointment reminder label and the walkout statement box is selected. After selecting your choices go ahead and try it. When the patient comes to the front desk to checkout, just click on the FastCheckout icon.  It will now automatically complete all of your choices automatically.  If you review my earlier post on the Dymo Appointment Reminder Card printer TheDentrixDentist March 2011 you can print both their walkout statment and their appointment card at the same time because they are diffrent printers.  For some reason the patient are amazed by this.  We probably get a comment everyday.  Try it out. Get moving!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Anti-Spyware Programs

Keep Your Computer Safe

Keeping your PC up and running well is always something you don't think about until something bad happens. It is very common to have a few different utilities running on your computer to make sure  everything is protected. I recommend two that are free and seem to do the job well.  Knock on wood, I have been using both for several months and my PC is running awesomely.  Both are free. They are:

1. Superantispyware:  Super Antispyware

2.  Microsoft Security Essentials:  Microsoft Security Essentials