Sunday, March 27, 2011

Get the Picture!

The Dentrix Dentist Imaging Sharing Program Using the Kodak Pulse Frame
Today I’m starting an image sharing program between our group using the latest technology from Kodak.  It is called the Kodak Pulse Digital Frame. You can find it everywhere that sells electronics. Kodak Pulse 7-Inch Digital Frame or bigger Kodak Pulse 10-Inch Digital Frame.  What is unique about this digital frame is that it comes with it's own e-mail address and Facebook connectivity.  So we could share before and after photos of finished cases, advertising images, picture templates, to each other frames from anywhere in the world. 
For example, if I had an image that had a picture of ZOOM Whitening or any whitening procedure and had text on it that said, “Please ask us about our whitening specials”.  I could share that with everyone in the group by sending to your regular e-mail or directly to your frame for you to either approve or delete.  Your frame would tell you it had new pictures to download and you could view them and allow or just delete depending on your office offerings.  It’s so easy and fun!  I have placed this 7 inch Kodak Pulse Digital Frame on a glass shelf that I bought at Bed, Bath, and Beyond right above the checkout computer so that every patient that checks out can see my Kodak Digital Pulse Frame that displays office specials, when the office will be closed, before and after pictures of cases, happy birthdays, download our office APP to the patient smart phones, etc.  The possibilities are limitless. Give your patients something to look at while they are waiting for the office staff to find their next appointment, printing their reminder card (refer to prior Blog on the Dymo Printer) and processing their credit card payment or payment. You usually have approximately 2-4 minutes of time for the patients to read your new frame or to stare at the dust stuck in your air conditioning duct. The Supermarkets do it all the time on their computer screens and their credit card machines about their specials and sales.  Its time our offices use the same strategies.  I can’t tell you how many patients said, “ I didn’t know you had a website”, “ I didn’t know you could pay your bill on line”, “ I didn’t know Suzy had a baby”, etc..  You can put these frames anywhere.  And of course they allow you to put pictures on them the old fashion way, plugging the memory (SD Card) into the side of it.  All the pictures will be controlled from your own Content Management Screen (CMS) on your computer via the internet.   You will set this up when you buy the frame.  All the instructions are in the box.  The only thing you need is a Wi-Fi connection in your office.
Check it out!  Send me your e-mail address and we can start sharing!
PS: Great gift for a loved one who  has internet access(Wi-Fi) to see all your family pictures in real time.  Mother and Father’s Day is coming up.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chairside Manner (Monitor)...

Make your Chairside Patient Monitor Interactive!
Treatment Room by Midmark.

Many practices now, and in the future will have a chairside monitor in their treatment rooms for patient education, viewing digital x-rays, seeing intraoral images, etc.  I highly recommend this because you are missing out on some serious opportunities with the patient.  Many of the dental chairs now have that option with a swivel pole mount so it can be moved to the left or to the right side of the patient depending on whether the dentist is left or right handed.  I have also seen them ceiling mounted and stationary pole mounted.  Whatever the configuration you have, make sure it is within an arms length of the patients finger tips.  The second recommendation is to make sure that the monitor is a touch screen.  In the past the touch screen monitors use to be so expensive.  But now you can buy one between 300-500 dollars depending on size.  I recommend the Elo IntelliTouch 17 inch monitor that you can buy from Henry Schein TechCentral Henry Schein TechCentral or off the web.  It is the perfect size.  Remember any type of monitor will work.  You are not bond to the one the comes with the dental unit.  You can have them remove that and let you get your own.  This Elo is medical grade, and it is glass so you can wipe it down and even use you gloves with it!  The touch screen function requires you to plug a USB cable into your computer so it can work in addition to the regular monitor cable.  Rumor has it that Midmark will be including a couple of USB ports in their new patient chairs for that reason and also allow for Digital X-Ray sensors,patient's charging up their devices, etc.

By using the TouchScreen Monitor you can:

  1. You can sit in front of the patient so you can make direct eye contact with them when your discussing their treatment, options, cost, etc.
  2. You can draw directly on the screen with you figure or rubber tipped pen ($6)
  3. You can control the desktop with your finger or pen without having to use a mouse.
  4. If you add any wireless keyboard so you can let the patient use the internet to check e-mail, browse, etc. 5.  If you have patient education software such as Guru or any other system you can leave it on the screen and your patients can educate themselves while you are out of the room.
  5. You can use language translation software such as to translate any conversation in the patient's native language.  It's free!
  6. You can run in office ads, before and after pictures, etc.

Benefits of the Elo TouchScreen:
  1. Surface wave (also known as surface acoustic wave, or SAW) technology
  2. Pure-glass touchscreens for superior image clarity, resolution, and light transmission
  3. Durable, scratch-resistant glass surface—continues to work if scratched
  4. Stable "drift-free" operation—for touch response that's always accurate
  5. Finger, gloved hand, and soft stylus activation
  6. Fast touch response
  7. Sensitive touch response—recognizes location and amount of pressure applied
Any touch screen will work, but I found that Elo was the best for my practice.  Don't lose out on valuable touches on your patient's brain while they are waiting to get numb.  Let them educate themselves.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

STOP! Patients showing up at the office at the wrong time for their visit.

Print Patient Next Appointment Cards Directly from Dentrix 
Dymo Label Printer

Print next appointment cards directly from Dentrix through Quick Label button.  This will eliminate patients coming in with a hand written appointment card that is different from what is recorded in the appointment book.  What happens sometimes hand writing the appointment time and date on the card is that it is transposed differently into the appointment book.  So the front office staff either blames the computer or who the person who scheduled the appointment. To eliminate this problem only hand out appointment cards that come directly from Dentrix. 
Any of the Dymo printers work well.  But consider getting the 450 Duo.  It prints the appointment cards and the various labels that Dentrix allows, for example patient mailing labels, insurance company mailing label, etc., and even postage stamps.
I use the Dymo 450 Duo for the front office and the Dymo 450 label printer for the treatment rooms. YOU CAN USE ANY OF THEIR MODELS THOUGH. We don’t mail things from the back so that’s way we use the 450 there.  It only prints appointment cards or whatever you load in it.
To order custom appointment cards call 800-426-7827 ext #3 (make sure you tell them you want your practice information and logo on the top half of the card and leave the lower half blank so Dentrix can print the proper appointment information on it.
Appointment Cards          SKU# 30374             $14.95 per roll and 300 cards in a roll.
*When you post a payment in the Ledger before you print the next appointment card the card will contain the phrase “Thank you for your payment of $” on it also*  Very cool!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

There's an App for that?

The App world is coming to your dental patients!

Your patients will be very surprised that you can have your own app for your office that connects them to your dental office 24/7.  I have my own.  Just go download it for free on the i-Tunes App store or the Android marketplace.  Search for Dr. Bill Busch. 

Check it out.  You will be blown away.  For a one time fee of $999 and $34 dollars per month you can have your own app!  Remember it was like it was 20 years ago when people were hustling for their .com address.  There can never be another Dr. Busch app because I have it. Go to to get started,  Look for future integration with Dentrix. The best part of the whole App is that you have complete control over its content from your own computer or any computer because you get your own login and password.  So if you want to upload new practice video or pictures or whatever you just login and upload and save.  Within one minute you can open your app and it is changed to whatever you just changed it to.