Thursday, February 17, 2011

"She Blinded Me With Science"

So you want some science?  Look no further than CAD/CAM dentistry, now is the time to check this technology out.  Between crazy big lab bills and patients wanting faster, more convenient dentistry it's worth a look.  I have been using In-Office CAD/CAM dentistry since 2001 and is so predictable, efficient, and profitable.  I use both CEREC and E4D.  I started with CEREC and kept that machine, and added the E4D two years ago.  Both give you beautiful restorations.  The E4D is much easier to learn and their support is second to none.

For the none do-it yourselfer there are two other units that just do the digital impressions, but not mill it in your office they are the 3M COS and the iTero from Cadent.

I'm adding the COS(Chairside Optical Scanner) from 3M so I can do all digital impressions in the next few months.  I will keep you posted.

Remember that the payment on the machine takes the place of your lab bill, and after you reach approximately 14 restorations the rest of the profit goes in your pocket.

3M COS unit

"Ask & You Shall Receive"

Have you ever had a great idea for a new Dentrix feature or wanted to make a suggestion to improve an existing one, but you did not have the time to do it when you thought of it?  Well, Dentrix has listened and has made it so easy.  From any module inside Dentrix you can click on Help in the menu and then click on Enhancement Request.... 

This will take you to MyVoice for Dentrix.  Here you can create you login and password or just use your Facebook login and password.  Once this is created you can started creating all those wonderful ideas for Dentrix.  Then you get to vote on them to see which ones make it into the software.  Check it daily and you can see what Dentrix has started doing on the requests ie. Started, Completed, Under Review, In Process, etc.

Click here and try it now!  MYVOICE for DENTRIX

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Full Service = Full Throttle

"Push the throttle up and put your practice into full patient service mode"
When I think about marketing, I think about what makes me different from the rest. Considering things the way they are in the world today everything matters in your practice.  To me patient satisfaction is the tip of spear when it comes to both financial success and professional success in your practice.

One easy way to make an IMMEDIATE impact on your practice would to be to add online payments through Dentrix eServices  Your patients do their banking online, schedule appointments, and even order pizza, why not give them the convenience of paying you online if they have a balance or if they are on a payment plan 24/7.

Here is the simple truth.  Not too many people know about this. Call Dentrix today or tomorrow and tell them you want to add online payments to your website.  It doesn't matter what kind of website you have or who hosts it. They will send you what you need to get started and answer all of your questions.  The best part is it will automatically post the payments to the Dentrix ledger in the morning for you.  Your office manager will love you!

Watch for the next post because it will cover helping your patients take control of their treatment plan and actually have them calling your office to schedule their appointment -- complete with telling the staff which tooth numbers, etc. Don't miss it.

PS: When you get online payments you can add a message to your billing statements that says: "NEW. Now you can log on to our website now to pay your balance online.  Watch your collections soar!