Friday, December 23, 2011

Go Double,Triple, or more Platinum with DEXIS!

Complete Integration inside Dentrix!

I have been practicing since 1989,  almost 23 years.  If your considering any digital x-ray system for your office, please consider DEXIS.  I have used or tried them all over my career, and by far the DEXIS Platinum one sensor fits all is the real McCoy.  They have a replacement deal going on now to the end of year if you have a sensor to trade in. Or just make it a point to get rid of your old film processor and update your office technology.

I have added a sensor every year to my office over the last six year and now have a sensor in every room.  This increases your bottom line at least by 14% per year because you take the necessary x-rays all the time.  You don't blow off the x-ray you need today, because your hygienist is using it in the other room.  I use to always say, "we will get that film next time", because we were running late or the patient had to leave.  Also this takes the work load off your sensors.  I have not sent one in for repair since we got them.  If you can follow the "one per room strategy" you would be disappointed.  Have a great New Year! and get moving!

The DEXIS Platinum Sensor is the Official Sensor of TeamSmile Dental Outreach.

Thank you Team DEXIS.  Especially Candy Ross!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ground Breaking New Technology For Your Reception Room

I’m very excited about eAssistant from Digital Clinic.  Digital Clinic is an exclusive Henry Schein partnership with the world’s leader in digital signage.  eAssistant is a turn-key solution which consists of a flat panel TV and a small computer which is plugged seamlessly into you network in your practice.  It contains content about you and your staff, services you provide, products you recommend, tips for living a healthy lifestyle, RSS feeds, social networking and so much more.  What separates this solution from the rest is that its content is updated automatically without the need of DVD’s or software updates.  You just simply turn it on in the morning and let it go to work. E Assistant transforms behavior by engaging patients, families and friends with relevant and captivating information in your reception room.
Your patients want three things when they walk into your practice.  They want to feel safe, educated, and have a pain free experience.  eAssistant can accomplish two of these before they even sit in your chair!  I have an e-Assistant front and center in my practice when you walk in.
Coming soon in early 2012 exclusively from Henry Schein, for more information please go to or contact Jason Krause at

Saturday, December 10, 2011

TeamSmile and the Colorado Avalanche team up for dental outreach at Pepsi Center!

This is a big week for TeamSmile,  TeamSmile will add it's first NHL hockey team the Colorado Avalanche and work with the Denver Nuggets for the second year in a row together at the Pepsi Center.  TeamSmile is proud to work with the Denver community giving back. I started TeamSmile with Jason Krause of Digital Clinic, seven years ago to help get uninsured children with much needed dental work across the country with the help of local dental volunteers.

Dentrix is the official software of TeamSmile along with Henry Schein's TechCentral for all or our hardware needs. They are both sponsors for the program. Come on out, and volunteer or just stop by to see what it's all about.  The date is Dec. 17th at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado from 9-1.

See you there.  Get moving!  Below is video footage from our Kansas City Chiefs program.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Getting Rid of the Traditional Checkout Desk...

Well, I'm doing it.  I'm getting rid of the Traditional World War 2 style, conveyor belt check-out desk.  My dental assistants will be taking payment at the chair just like at the Apple store!  Thanks to PowerPay from Dentrix you can do it too.  Think about all that wasted time going from the chair to the front desk, think about the big line of patients at the checkout desk, and then a solution is to tell them to go around to the front where the receptionist can check you out? not good. Whew, all that goes away if you take payment at the chair and make their next appointment there also.

We installed card swipes at all the treatment room workstations.  It's a dream come true and the patients love it.  They continue to say, "I'm done, I can leave?".

Call Dentrix today to add PowerPay credit/debt card processing to your arsenal of automation.  E-mail me with question.  Get moving!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Three-pronged approach to creating your cyber presence...

Whether you like it or not there is a cyber profile that every business has.  You can contribute to it, cultivate it, or ignore it.  You definitely don't want to ignore it because your patients will create it for you.  Just go out and Google your name under dentists in your area.

Below is an approach we us in my practice.

Prong 1:

I believe you need a robust website for your potential and existing patients to use as a resource from a desktop computer.  You can give all your patients access to their dental accounts and treatment plans all through Dentrix eCentral. They can even pay online!  Call Dentrix for the details.  If you don't have a Dentrix-integrated web site you can get one through Dentrix or Dental Branding

Prong 2:

I believe you need a mobile website for your potential and existing patients to use as a resource from a mobile device.  Potential patients searching for a dentist on a mobile deice will by pass your site if they have to pinch and pull to read it.  A mobile website is enhanced for viewing from a small screen so patients will view it and hopefully schedule directly from their phone.

Prong 3:

I believe that you need an App for smart phones so that your existing patients can have access to your practice 24/7.  By gaining phone real estate with your practice logo on their i-Phones or Droids you will be a constant reminder of your part in their health and well-being.  Remember: out of site, out of mind.

For example, search the "Dr. Bill Busch" App on i-Tunes or on the Droid Marketplace and download for free.

Give it a try and get moving!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Making Sure To Track Where Your Referrals Are Coming From....

To make sure that you are geting the most out of your marketing dollars make sure you track how your patients find you. The three things I look for on the new patient registration is:

1. Do we have their e-mail address?
2. Mobile number?
3. Referral source?

These are critical for office communications and marketing spending.

Make sure the you put a check in the Non-Person check box so that you can get accurate reporting from the new Dentrix Practice Advisor report in the Office Manager Toolbar. Look in this month's Dentrix Magazine for details! Dentrix Magazine Fall 2011

You can access this dialog box by going to Family File/Referred By/Add Referral/DoctorOther/choose the referral source/edit.  Or you can add a new source from this screen.

Keep Moving!

PS: Look for exciting video Blogs coming to this site!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Notifying the Staff What Equipment You Need With Dentrix Procedure Code Buttons.....

I don't know if this has ever happened to you, but many times I'm ready to start a procedure and the type of equipment I need is not in the room. For instance a laser, a E4D CAD/CAM unit, a Implant System, whatever.  I know it's my fault because I didn't let the assitant know what I needed until I got in the room.  You can lose up to 5 minutes or more of chairtime while the assistant is getting the equipment and setting it up.

I decided to create procedure codes that represent the equipment and then created a procedure buttons for them.  Now when I treatment plan a patient I can click on the E4D, Biolase, IMTEC Implant button, etc that signifies to the assistant to make sure they have the equipment I need ready.  This saves so much time! Give it a try.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Easy Way To Check Insurance Company Electronic Submission Availability!

In the front office it gets busy. Real busy. Being able to tell if an insurance company accepts electronic attachments (X-rays, Perio Charting, etc.) is very handy. There is a tool on the Dentrix Website that solves that dilemma.  This will speed up trhe insurance payment process and cut down on paper documentation. The Payor Search Tool is the key.

The payor search tool helps you identify the insurance companies you work with that offer electronic connectivity and attachments. You can search by Payor ID or Payor Name for payers that accept electronic claims and attachments, or that provide electronic insurance eligibility verification.

You can create a quick shortcut on your computer desktop by:  

1. Right click on your desktop.
2. Select create new/shortcut.
3. Copy and paste the above link into the "type the location of the item" box.
4. Type the words "Payor Search Tool".
5. Click on finish.

Now you have a real time link to all available insurance companies that allow electronic attachments!
Try it out and get moving!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hiring Dental Personnel Just Got A Whole Lot Easier!

I think hiring the right people for your practice is one of the hardest things to do.  If your lucky, you only have to do that every couple of years. I dreaded the process until now. Henry Schein has created " Dental Hiring Solution".   It s a web based solution that allows you to find and hire the very best candidate available for your practice.  I have used it and it is amazing!  You will never go back to the way you use to do it.

How does it work ?

The Henry Schein Dental Hiring Solution is an easy to use 3-step process that enables you to hire better performing employees, with considerably less time and effort than existing processes or other solutions:

Step 1: Choose from a library of pre-defined job profiles and customize if needed

Step 2: Quickly build a job advertisement and easily post it where you want

Step 3: Manage your job opening and automatically qualify and measure your candidates

It makes the hiring process fun and easy. It is very inexpensive. When you upgrade your software to G5 in the next few months the software link is embedded into the Office manage Toolbar. Or if you are ready to go please follow the link Get Moving!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Electronic Prescribing is coming by years end!

Dentrix has partnered with Allscripts, the nation’s leading e-prescribing provider, to offer integration to send drug prescriptions electronically!  It is planned to be offered in 2011, in time to meet the requirements of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA)

What is e-prescribing?

E-prescribing supports a shift to a paperless and more informed way for prescribers, payers and pharmacists to make better clinical decisions and improve clinical workflows related to medication management.
·                     Reduce Healthcare Costs
·                     Improve Patient Safety
·                     Increase Efficiency
Stay tuned here for more information, and get moving!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dentrix Launches DentaLink Intra-Office Messaging!

You are going to love this!  First it's free if you are on a support plan, and second it makes communicating in the office fun and easy if you are computer networked throughout your office.  I have been testing it for months and love it.  It is installed automatically when you install eSync 3.1 from Dentrix. DentaLink lets you communicate instantly throughout the office with single-click access to pre-written messages and messages on the fly.  It also has a discernible sound that alerts you when the message comes in.  Remember you only hear it if your monitor has speakers.  I'm guilty of calling support telling them it is not working, and then realized that that workstation had no speakers, Duh.  Also make sure in settings that you select the setting for leaving the message up until you exit it so you don't miss any messages ( Find Notification Display Length setting in the Dentalink Settings, choose manually dismiss notification).  Give it a try.  Get moving!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Protect Your Cell Phone...

If you have a smart phone, iPhone, Droid, etc., you must remember that these devises are just pocket size computers that are vulnerable to viruses, malware, adware, and hackers.  Take a look at the "Lookout" App mobile security program. With millions of smart phones shipping every month, the phone has surpassed the PC as the true personal computer. Protect your phone with security and privacy protection.  Lookout is free.  Just go to the marketplace and download it.  I have been using it for months and love it.It can be used for the Droid, Blackberry, and Windows phones. If you have an iPhone I'm not aware of an App for mobile security yet.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Dentrix Mobile: The Dentrix Dentist App for your Cell Phone...

If you are on a support plan with Dentrix you will be pleased to know that the Dentrix Mobile app is available for free for most smartphones and mobile devices.  This app will connect you to your office 24/7 with valuable information about your schedule, patient information, and their prescriptions.  Your staff can have it on their phones also if they have an Internet connection (data plan) with their phone.  The information is valuable when you are on the road and a patient calls in for a prescription or you forget what the schedule looks like for tomorrow or even after lunch.  Right now Dentrix Mobile is just one way.  Look for the ability to be able to schedule patients from your phone in the future and see other clinical information.  In the future, you will also have the ability to send information back to your office database, which is called two-way communication.

With the current version of Dentrix Mobile, you can:                                   
  • Access patient data anytime, even after hours
  • Verify patient prescriptions while out of the office
  • Quickly see appointments for you and your providers
  • Deliver real-time updates for on-call teams
  • Get even more value from your Dentrix Customer Service Plan
All with no additional fees required! Dentrix Mobile is available on popular devices like iPhone, iPad, Palm Pre, Android and select BlackBerry models.
Go to and sign up today!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Going Paper-Less with Livescribe Echo Digital Pen!

The Livescribe Echo is a ballpoint pen and voice recorder combination that preserves digital copies of your notes and recordings, which can be replayed, saved to your computer, and shared with others. It's perfect for taking notes with the patient when doing a new patient interview, staff meeting notes, or even discussing and planning treatment plans with patients.  Especially when you need to record shade selection, and what the patient wants.  Because you know they change their mind about the way the case turned out, and then they blame you.  Now you can just replay the conversation for them.  Also you can send detailed lab prescription notes in your own hand writing and just send it directly to the lab.  Even the little drawing of the tooth and where the characterization should go.  This Pen is amazing!

Ultimately, though, any worthwhile idea committed to paper in the digital era needs to find its way onto a computer. Notes get retyped, voice recordings transcribed, drawings scanned, and hours are lost to tedious analog-to-digital conversion. With the paperless, human-computer singularity still a few decades off, the Echo smartpen has arrived to address the lingering analog/digital dilemma of capturing handwritten notes and voice memos in a convenient digital format.

Try this out and get moving!
Livescribe Echo Digital Pen

Friday, June 3, 2011

Text Messaging Directly From Outlook!

If you have a busy practice, you need to get a hold of a patients ASAP, right.  You try their phone numbers, you send and e-mail, but nothing, nada.  You send them a text and magically they respond.  It is a sign of the times.  People are smitten with text messaging.  Now with Message-Media you can sign up for $10/month and get 1000 texts. You can just cut and paste their mobile number directly into new SMS within Microsoft Outlook.  Then type out their message, and send.  Within minutes the patients texts you back directly to Outlook!  You have now either confirmed an appointment or saved valuable chairtime filling a cancellation.  Your boss will love you.

It works with Outlook 2007 and 2010.  All yu have to do is click on the button next to "New E-mail" button in Outlook 2010 which is "New Items" button, then click on Text Message SMS.  It will guide you the rest of the way. 

With Outlook 2007 you just click on the down arrow next to "New E-mail" button and select Text Message SMS.

You can go to Message-Media to sign up directly.  Ask for Paul to sign you up or call me if you have any questions. 816-668-5576.

Look for integration with Dentrix in the future where you can launch it directly from within Dentrix like you can do now with E-mail Messaging.

Get Moving!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Fast Checkout Option in the Ledger

One of the most overlooked features in Dentrix Ledger is the Fast Checkout option.  You can   find it on the Dentrix Ledger tool bar.  To set up this feature you must click on File/FastCheckout options setup.../and select the options you would like to use.  Below you can see the ones I use in my office.  Also notice the print appointment reminder label and the walkout statement box is selected. After selecting your choices go ahead and try it. When the patient comes to the front desk to checkout, just click on the FastCheckout icon.  It will now automatically complete all of your choices automatically.  If you review my earlier post on the Dymo Appointment Reminder Card printer TheDentrixDentist March 2011 you can print both their walkout statment and their appointment card at the same time because they are diffrent printers.  For some reason the patient are amazed by this.  We probably get a comment everyday.  Try it out. Get moving!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Anti-Spyware Programs

Keep Your Computer Safe

Keeping your PC up and running well is always something you don't think about until something bad happens. It is very common to have a few different utilities running on your computer to make sure  everything is protected. I recommend two that are free and seem to do the job well.  Knock on wood, I have been using both for several months and my PC is running awesomely.  Both are free. They are:

1. Superantispyware:  Super Antispyware

2.  Microsoft Security Essentials:  Microsoft Security Essentials

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Going Paperless...Volume 3

There are several areas where information can be captured digitally rather then with paper throughout the patient encounter with your office.  One area is the reception area in the practice.  We added the Dentrix Kiosk six months age and love it.  It has a very small footprint and can fit in almost every reception room.

The Dentrix Kiosk allows patients to complete office forms electronically while they are waiting to be seen.  They can do their new patient registration forms, HIPPA, medical and dental history, and even update old forms! When the form is complete it is automatically downloaded to the Dentrix Questionaire Module.  The patient then comes up to the front desk and signs the electronic e-pad from Dentrix ($130) USB device.  It that simple!

Also if you have people lined up at the Kiosk to use it.  You can buy a few i-Pads from Apple or the new XOOM tablet from Motorola, and let them fill it out on the pad.  We have two i-Pads we keep charged for that very reason.  Dentrix support will help you set that up.  You just have to purchase the pads or XOOM.

Good luck and get moving!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Upgrading Your changing the batteries in your smoke detectors.

Every year I'm reminded to change the batteries in the smoke detectors, because of day light savings time and the fire department does a great job to hang signs up outside the firehouse to remind us to change the batteries, otherwise I would wait until that annoying chirping starts in the middle of the night and ruin a great nights sleep. Don't wait for the inevitable.  Apply this same concept to your computer hardware.

With computer hardware though there are usually no reminders until something just stops working and disrupts your whole workflow and makes your day a mess or even a week.  My advise would be to slowly change out each workstation every 6- 12 months until they are all changed out. Depending on what size office you have that could be a while The average lifespan of a computer is 3-4 years.  So instead of waiting to do replace them all at once, and take a big financial hit, do one at a time.

I use Henry Schein TechCentral to do the hardware because they make it so easy.  They were just at my office last week to replace a server that was acting up. And guess what?  It was 4 years old.  I was lucky it just didn't dead stop.  The whole network was slowing down. So, Jay Tindel came in and put in a new server that made it work like clock work.  Thanks Jay!

I use to buy all my hareware from Best Buy or MicroCenter and do it myself.  But TechCentral made it so easy and the price was very comparible.  So, give them a try next time it is ready to upgrade.  Don't wait for the chirp. Get moving!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Technology Alert!

Don't download Internet Explorer 9.  If you download it, it will not allow you to Print to The Dentrix Document Center.  For example, if you wanted to take the patient's insurance benefits from the insurance website and instead of printing on paper and then scanning it, you can just print it directly to the Dentrix Document Center. In IE 8 it will show up in the list of documents. But I experienced it does not work with IE 9.  You click on print to Document Center and the document never appears in the Unfiled Documents Module within the Dentrix Document Center.

Also uploading movies to youtube and other video upload sites, IE 9 causing issues.  My advise is to tell your staff not to download it.

Print to Document Center functionality works great with Google Chrome Brower.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Going Paperless...Volume 2

Use the Unfiled Documents Button...Inside the Dentrix Document Center to create an Electronic Pending Box.  It allows you to scan documents in bulk and electroincally file them later.  Most Multi-Page scanners will allow up to 50 pages at one time at 1-2 pages per second!

One great way to manage paper in the dental office is to scan it directly into the patient's chart.  Although we would like to not accept paper from the post office, it still comes everyday.  I have been able to reduce some paper by having referral letters from specialists with images come via e-mail and also having some insurance companies do electronic EOB's and payments directly to the office e-mail and directly into our bank. In addition you can use Dentrix PowerPay to allow for recurring credit card payments to the office and also through e-Central to accept credit card payments from your website.  Refer to my earlier Post,"You've got to start fast" for more information on internet payments.

One way to stream line the event when you have a bunch of paper that needs scanning, but you don't have the time to scan each one individually into the patient's Document Center, is to use the Unfiled Documents module.  This allows you to scan as many as 50 pages at a time or more depending on the scanner right into the unfiled documents module within the Documment Center and then drag and drop them into the patient's chart when you have the time.  Just select,"always on top function" within the Unfiled Documents module within the Document Center and you can select the patient's individually underneath it and never close the unfiled documents module.  It is so easy and fun! Go to Training On Demand  for more information. Get moving! Training On-Demand
Epson WorkForce Pro GT-S50 Document Imaging Scanner

PS The scanner I recommend now is the High Speed Epson WorkForce Pro GT-S50
Scan at alomost 1 page per second! Only $345.44
Epson WorkForce Pro GT-S50 Document Imaging Scanner

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Going Paperless...Volume 1

I went totally paperless or better yet chartless on Jan 1st2001.    Going paperless and building the electronic dental record (EDR) is inevitable.  In 2014 medical offices that are not compliant with having an EMR will not receive reimbursement for services under Medicaid and Medicare.  This does not affect dentistry yet, but it is coming.  If that does not motivate you, how about saving an extra 41 weeks of time per year, 2300 hours in staff time alone. At $12 an hour that’s $27,000 in paper chart administration cost, according to Dr. Larry Emmott, DDS.  I would estimate in my office we make another $13,000 in sales of dental products for example bleaching gel, because that has taken the place on the shelves where the charts use to be!
The most important step is to pick the date.  We picked the date and just started converting our patients over to e-records as they came in to the office one at a time.  It took two years to
convert.  But, guess what the paper records that were still on the shelf were the patients that were inactive.  We marched all those charts out to the storage container.  Every state is different on how long you should keep those records so check with your dental board.
One way to start decreasing paper is to have your entire referring Doctor’s send you their findings and images via e-mail i.e. PDF format.  This way they are already electronic and all you have to do is to read it and then drag and drop it directly into the Dentrix Document Center.  The old way would be to get it in the regular US mail, read it, scan it, and shred it.  If a PDF is sent, you have to copy it to the clipboard and then paste.  If it is a Word Document you just have to drag it right from the e-mail and drop it into the Patient’s Document Center File.  It is so easy!  Spend the time to learn the Document Center Module in Dentrix or your PMS.  Check on the Dentrix website, for Training on Demand. Dentrix On-Demand Training

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Business of Dentistry 2011 in Las Vegas

If you can only come to one CE weekend event this year, then the Business of Dentistry Conference is the place to be!  Located in beautiful Red Rock, a 15 minute cab ride from the Las Vegas Strip.  This a Dentrix and Dentrix Enterprise users extravaganza weekend.  So pack up the staff and come to see me lecture about how to convert your office to a paperless practice, and other great classes for the whole staff given by some of dentistry's most prestigous key opinion leaders.  June 9-11th.  Be prepared to learn and have fun.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Get the Picture!

The Dentrix Dentist Imaging Sharing Program Using the Kodak Pulse Frame
Today I’m starting an image sharing program between our group using the latest technology from Kodak.  It is called the Kodak Pulse Digital Frame. You can find it everywhere that sells electronics. Kodak Pulse 7-Inch Digital Frame or bigger Kodak Pulse 10-Inch Digital Frame.  What is unique about this digital frame is that it comes with it's own e-mail address and Facebook connectivity.  So we could share before and after photos of finished cases, advertising images, picture templates, to each other frames from anywhere in the world. 
For example, if I had an image that had a picture of ZOOM Whitening or any whitening procedure and had text on it that said, “Please ask us about our whitening specials”.  I could share that with everyone in the group by sending to your regular e-mail or directly to your frame for you to either approve or delete.  Your frame would tell you it had new pictures to download and you could view them and allow or just delete depending on your office offerings.  It’s so easy and fun!  I have placed this 7 inch Kodak Pulse Digital Frame on a glass shelf that I bought at Bed, Bath, and Beyond right above the checkout computer so that every patient that checks out can see my Kodak Digital Pulse Frame that displays office specials, when the office will be closed, before and after pictures of cases, happy birthdays, download our office APP to the patient smart phones, etc.  The possibilities are limitless. Give your patients something to look at while they are waiting for the office staff to find their next appointment, printing their reminder card (refer to prior Blog on the Dymo Printer) and processing their credit card payment or payment. You usually have approximately 2-4 minutes of time for the patients to read your new frame or to stare at the dust stuck in your air conditioning duct. The Supermarkets do it all the time on their computer screens and their credit card machines about their specials and sales.  Its time our offices use the same strategies.  I can’t tell you how many patients said, “ I didn’t know you had a website”, “ I didn’t know you could pay your bill on line”, “ I didn’t know Suzy had a baby”, etc..  You can put these frames anywhere.  And of course they allow you to put pictures on them the old fashion way, plugging the memory (SD Card) into the side of it.  All the pictures will be controlled from your own Content Management Screen (CMS) on your computer via the internet.   You will set this up when you buy the frame.  All the instructions are in the box.  The only thing you need is a Wi-Fi connection in your office.
Check it out!  Send me your e-mail address and we can start sharing!
PS: Great gift for a loved one who  has internet access(Wi-Fi) to see all your family pictures in real time.  Mother and Father’s Day is coming up.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chairside Manner (Monitor)...

Make your Chairside Patient Monitor Interactive!
Treatment Room by Midmark.

Many practices now, and in the future will have a chairside monitor in their treatment rooms for patient education, viewing digital x-rays, seeing intraoral images, etc.  I highly recommend this because you are missing out on some serious opportunities with the patient.  Many of the dental chairs now have that option with a swivel pole mount so it can be moved to the left or to the right side of the patient depending on whether the dentist is left or right handed.  I have also seen them ceiling mounted and stationary pole mounted.  Whatever the configuration you have, make sure it is within an arms length of the patients finger tips.  The second recommendation is to make sure that the monitor is a touch screen.  In the past the touch screen monitors use to be so expensive.  But now you can buy one between 300-500 dollars depending on size.  I recommend the Elo IntelliTouch 17 inch monitor that you can buy from Henry Schein TechCentral Henry Schein TechCentral or off the web.  It is the perfect size.  Remember any type of monitor will work.  You are not bond to the one the comes with the dental unit.  You can have them remove that and let you get your own.  This Elo is medical grade, and it is glass so you can wipe it down and even use you gloves with it!  The touch screen function requires you to plug a USB cable into your computer so it can work in addition to the regular monitor cable.  Rumor has it that Midmark will be including a couple of USB ports in their new patient chairs for that reason and also allow for Digital X-Ray sensors,patient's charging up their devices, etc.

By using the TouchScreen Monitor you can:

  1. You can sit in front of the patient so you can make direct eye contact with them when your discussing their treatment, options, cost, etc.
  2. You can draw directly on the screen with you figure or rubber tipped pen ($6)
  3. You can control the desktop with your finger or pen without having to use a mouse.
  4. If you add any wireless keyboard so you can let the patient use the internet to check e-mail, browse, etc. 5.  If you have patient education software such as Guru or any other system you can leave it on the screen and your patients can educate themselves while you are out of the room.
  5. You can use language translation software such as to translate any conversation in the patient's native language.  It's free!
  6. You can run in office ads, before and after pictures, etc.

Benefits of the Elo TouchScreen:
  1. Surface wave (also known as surface acoustic wave, or SAW) technology
  2. Pure-glass touchscreens for superior image clarity, resolution, and light transmission
  3. Durable, scratch-resistant glass surface—continues to work if scratched
  4. Stable "drift-free" operation—for touch response that's always accurate
  5. Finger, gloved hand, and soft stylus activation
  6. Fast touch response
  7. Sensitive touch response—recognizes location and amount of pressure applied
Any touch screen will work, but I found that Elo was the best for my practice.  Don't lose out on valuable touches on your patient's brain while they are waiting to get numb.  Let them educate themselves.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

STOP! Patients showing up at the office at the wrong time for their visit.

Print Patient Next Appointment Cards Directly from Dentrix 
Dymo Label Printer

Print next appointment cards directly from Dentrix through Quick Label button.  This will eliminate patients coming in with a hand written appointment card that is different from what is recorded in the appointment book.  What happens sometimes hand writing the appointment time and date on the card is that it is transposed differently into the appointment book.  So the front office staff either blames the computer or who the person who scheduled the appointment. To eliminate this problem only hand out appointment cards that come directly from Dentrix. 
Any of the Dymo printers work well.  But consider getting the 450 Duo.  It prints the appointment cards and the various labels that Dentrix allows, for example patient mailing labels, insurance company mailing label, etc., and even postage stamps.
I use the Dymo 450 Duo for the front office and the Dymo 450 label printer for the treatment rooms. YOU CAN USE ANY OF THEIR MODELS THOUGH. We don’t mail things from the back so that’s way we use the 450 there.  It only prints appointment cards or whatever you load in it.
To order custom appointment cards call 800-426-7827 ext #3 (make sure you tell them you want your practice information and logo on the top half of the card and leave the lower half blank so Dentrix can print the proper appointment information on it.
Appointment Cards          SKU# 30374             $14.95 per roll and 300 cards in a roll.
*When you post a payment in the Ledger before you print the next appointment card the card will contain the phrase “Thank you for your payment of $” on it also*  Very cool!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

There's an App for that?

The App world is coming to your dental patients!

Your patients will be very surprised that you can have your own app for your office that connects them to your dental office 24/7.  I have my own.  Just go download it for free on the i-Tunes App store or the Android marketplace.  Search for Dr. Bill Busch. 

Check it out.  You will be blown away.  For a one time fee of $999 and $34 dollars per month you can have your own app!  Remember it was like it was 20 years ago when people were hustling for their .com address.  There can never be another Dr. Busch app because I have it. Go to to get started,  Look for future integration with Dentrix. The best part of the whole App is that you have complete control over its content from your own computer or any computer because you get your own login and password.  So if you want to upload new practice video or pictures or whatever you just login and upload and save.  Within one minute you can open your app and it is changed to whatever you just changed it to.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

"She Blinded Me With Science"

So you want some science?  Look no further than CAD/CAM dentistry, now is the time to check this technology out.  Between crazy big lab bills and patients wanting faster, more convenient dentistry it's worth a look.  I have been using In-Office CAD/CAM dentistry since 2001 and is so predictable, efficient, and profitable.  I use both CEREC and E4D.  I started with CEREC and kept that machine, and added the E4D two years ago.  Both give you beautiful restorations.  The E4D is much easier to learn and their support is second to none.

For the none do-it yourselfer there are two other units that just do the digital impressions, but not mill it in your office they are the 3M COS and the iTero from Cadent.

I'm adding the COS(Chairside Optical Scanner) from 3M so I can do all digital impressions in the next few months.  I will keep you posted.

Remember that the payment on the machine takes the place of your lab bill, and after you reach approximately 14 restorations the rest of the profit goes in your pocket.

3M COS unit

"Ask & You Shall Receive"

Have you ever had a great idea for a new Dentrix feature or wanted to make a suggestion to improve an existing one, but you did not have the time to do it when you thought of it?  Well, Dentrix has listened and has made it so easy.  From any module inside Dentrix you can click on Help in the menu and then click on Enhancement Request.... 

This will take you to MyVoice for Dentrix.  Here you can create you login and password or just use your Facebook login and password.  Once this is created you can started creating all those wonderful ideas for Dentrix.  Then you get to vote on them to see which ones make it into the software.  Check it daily and you can see what Dentrix has started doing on the requests ie. Started, Completed, Under Review, In Process, etc.

Click here and try it now!  MYVOICE for DENTRIX

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Full Service = Full Throttle

"Push the throttle up and put your practice into full patient service mode"
When I think about marketing, I think about what makes me different from the rest. Considering things the way they are in the world today everything matters in your practice.  To me patient satisfaction is the tip of spear when it comes to both financial success and professional success in your practice.

One easy way to make an IMMEDIATE impact on your practice would to be to add online payments through Dentrix eServices  Your patients do their banking online, schedule appointments, and even order pizza, why not give them the convenience of paying you online if they have a balance or if they are on a payment plan 24/7.

Here is the simple truth.  Not too many people know about this. Call Dentrix today or tomorrow and tell them you want to add online payments to your website.  It doesn't matter what kind of website you have or who hosts it. They will send you what you need to get started and answer all of your questions.  The best part is it will automatically post the payments to the Dentrix ledger in the morning for you.  Your office manager will love you!

Watch for the next post because it will cover helping your patients take control of their treatment plan and actually have them calling your office to schedule their appointment -- complete with telling the staff which tooth numbers, etc. Don't miss it.

PS: When you get online payments you can add a message to your billing statements that says: "NEW. Now you can log on to our website now to pay your balance online.  Watch your collections soar!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"You've gotta start fast!"

I have been very fortunate over the past five years to be around professional athletes during our TeamSmile Dental Outreach Program , one thing I have learned with watching and talking to them is that they are very quick at everything that they do.  It is as if they are not even thinking about what they do, it is automatic.  Their coaches tell them, “You’ve got to start fast!”
In the dental office sometimes quickness is not always desirable on the procedural side of our profession, but it paramount on the business side.  Did you ever think you could get paid before you even turned the lights on in the morning and opened your front door? Now that’s starting fast!
It is one of my favorite features in Dentrix.  It is PowerPay internet payments.  Now your patients can pay you 24/7 from the luxury of their home computer or smart phone.  Every morning I open my e-mail, and get a statement from Dentrix telling me how many people paid me last night and how much. All you need to do is sign up through Dentrix e-services, and put the link on your website.  This makes me smile that I’m up 1,200 dollars for example before the day even starts. It even automatically posts to the patient’s ledger!  You don’t have to rely on the front office. Go to Dentrix PowerPay Internet Payments for more info.
Time is wasting, let's get to it!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Digital Impressions, "The Next Digital"

It seems like it was just yesterday that I was twenty-seven years old and thinking about digital X-ray about digital impression taking—something the great Dr. Gordon Christiansen says will be commonplace by 2020. I got into digital dentistry immediately upon graduating from dental school; thanks to the launch of the personal computer by IBM back in the 80s. I graduated from dental school in 1989 and added my first computer to my office in 1991 to do basic accounting and patient ledgers. One thing that I learned with any technology that you use is that the more you use it the more impatient you become.

I still remember 40-second curing of composite. Now it is down to 3–5 seconds and now I want it down to 1 second! Knowing that it would be the basis for many future technology-related decisions I would make for my practice, I decided to first purchase a robust practice-management system. That purchase was Dentrix dental systems. I believed back then that the future would include an electronic dental record (EDR) and, in order for that to happen, dentistry would need new science and technology. The first piece to that puzzle would have to be digitizing the radiography process. Once this was done, everything else concerning the patient record could be accomplished. I added digital impression taking to my practice in 2001 and, next to going paperless, it was probably the biggest milestone. Believe it or not, digital impression taking has been around for twenty-five years but, in my experience, it has only been truly reliable in the last ten. Today, digital impression taking is awesome and gives you many options. It lets you decide if you will make crowns, veneers, inlays, and onlays in your own office (DIY) or send the digital impression directly to the lab via the Internet. The systems for in-office creation of restorations are called CAD/CAM in-office systems, and include D4D

Digital impression-taking also allows you to acquire the digital impression—via a specialized intraoral camera—and then forward it to the lab. This can be done with the Lava C.O.S. (“Chairside Optical Scanner” from 3M) and ITero (from Cadent) and, there are several others on the horizon. I personally like the in-office systems such as the D4D because it gives me the option of doing it in-office or having it be lab-made, depending on the case. There are many options with digital impressions—and plenty of advantages as well, including:

1. Perfect impressions every time.
2. No messy impressions that take 2–4 minutes to set.
3. No impression material cost, no impression tray, no
impression adhesive, no temp cement, no temporary, etc.
(in-office system only).
4. No need for a second visit from the patient (in-office system
5. Easy, multiple-unit impressions.
6. 100% reliable restorations. (3M’s Lava C.O.S. system takes
it a step further by guaranteeing the fit of the restoration.)
7. Smaller carbon footprints. (The lab is not using fuel to
physically pick up your case since you are sending it over the
Internet and, if you are using one of the in-office systems,
you leave an even smaller carbon footprint because the
patient does not have to return for a second visit.)
8. Faster completion of the case and ability to produce more
in a given year.
You can start with anything when it comes to making digital
dentistry a part of your practice—a practice-management
system, digital X-rays, electronic dental records, digital
impressions, etc. Just be sure to add one at a time. And, do not
delay in making the investment because you are waiting for
the next improvement. Get moving!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Welcome to Dr. Bill Busch’s Blog

Hello. Welcome to my blog. For those who don’t know me, I am Dr. Bill Busch., a practicing dentist for more than 20 years and the director of the North Kansas City Dental Group. I’m also a complete technology fanatic. I lecture nationally on the topics of high tech dentistry and the paperless practice and am passionate about using new technology to improving the way we treat patients and manage our dental businesses. One technology in particular that has been key to my success is the Dentrix practice management software. I hope you’ll enjoy learning from my real-world experiences in using the latest in dental equipment and consumer electronics in dentistry, as well as tips and tricks on using Dentrix to its fullest to improve productivity and profitability. I’ll also share advice on new technology advances and their potential for improving our profession.