Friday, January 13, 2017

ePrescribe..Now you can send Pharmacy Rx directly to the Pharmacy through Dentrix!

ePrescribe..Now you can send Pharmacy Rx directly to the Pharmacy through Dentrix!

I have been waiting for this feature for along time. Now it is here to use in G6! You can find it in the Dentrix Menu bar after you click on prescriptions.  See below:

You have to sign up for it with Dentrix support.  One of the best features is that it will give you a current list of all the medications that the patient is presently taking.  Just copy and paste them directly into Dentrix.

No more having to take your gloves off to sign a prescription while your working.

Give it a try!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Emergency: Dental Insurance Companies are sending virtual credit cards for payment...

I became aware of this about a year ago when my front office insurance posting and collecting staff member went on vacation.  I did her work for a week.  I noticed that several insurance companies where sending a virtual credit card.  What is that I asked myself?

It is a one time use credit card on paper that you use to pay for a claim that they sent to you.
First, if this is happening call the insurance company and opt out of that method of payment.
They have to do this because you never authorized that method of payment. You will be giving away another 2-3% in addition to your insurance write off, and also doing their work for them.  They are having your staff waste time processing the credit card transaction, when they could be just sticking a check in the deposit envelope.

The interesting part of the whole thing was my staff did not notify me about this.  Very disappointing that my staff didn't realize what the insurance companies where doing to us, or did and didn't care.

I asked how long this made been going on, and the staff said probably for months.

I would check with your staff immediately.  You could be losing time and money.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

New G6 Features Volume 3

G6 is here!!

New List Manager:

-Generate custom lists using filters and data fields (for columns) from Letters in the Office manager with functionality similar to the Collections Manager and Treatment Manager.
-Create letters for only the patients listed when “hide patient” has been used.
-Secure Mail coming soon...

Enhanced Letters :

-Generate letters and custom lists more easily with a simplified interface. 
-Select Data Fields from a “tree” view, with options to “Select All” or “Remove All” within a section.
-Filter patients by those with or without an email address.
-Include the date a patient last referred another patient in letters and lists.
-Open a list file in Excel.
-Add a journal entry when creating letters using an existing file.
- Browse to a Word document to use for a Dentrix Letter.
-Provide more descriptive text with an increase in the size of the 'Letter Template' field.

-Avoid confusion with the Dentrix Letter Merge Fields in Word now that they directly correspond to the Data Fields in Letters.

Hope to see you at the 2015 Business of Dentistry October 7th-10th.  I will be there with my whole staff to answer any technology questions you have.